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UK Games Expo 2022 !

Visit Ludically at UK Games Expo 2022. Hall 1-467

Rise & Fall is coming !

You’re not dreaming, Christophe Bollinger’s new game, rise & Fall is coming to Kickstarter this year ! 😁

Kickstarter campaign launches on September 6

We are proud to announce several news about Rise & Fall:
The Kickstarter campaign will launch on Tuesday, September 6 (Coming Soon page available here).

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❝I am struggling to find another game that has this much depth, this much beauty and this much complexity that comes together as a whole❞

—Une immersion plutôt sympa, et une mécanique réussie—

❝This is a very intriguing real time game❞

❝J’ai eu mon bac à cause de dungeon et dragon et à cause de l’anglais donc merci Gary Gigax❞