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👑🌊🏔️ Hello to all clanmasters 🏔️🌊👑

I’m really sorry for my long absence, especially as I left you last time with some not-so-great news! We had to redo the production of some parts (the boats and the nomads) and everything is finally back to normal. Production 📦 is now complete.☑️ The good news is that all the containers will 🔜 be setting sail, and I’ve […]

I’m Back!

Dungeon Twister Reboot 2024 en vue Campagne sur Gamefound au 1 semestre 2024

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❝I am struggling to find another game that has this much depth, this much beauty and this much complexity that comes together as a whole❞

—Une immersion plutôt sympa, et une mécanique réussie—

❝This is a very intriguing real time game❞

❝J’ai eu mon bac à cause de dungeon et dragon et à cause de l’anglais donc merci Gary Gigax❞