The new board game from best-selling author Christophe Boelinger (Archipelago, Dungeon Twister, Earth Reborn, Living Planet)!

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Rise & Fall is a full control strategic game. Each player leads a civilization trying to expand and progress in a fantasy world. This world displays a unique landscape where glaciers live on islands and huge cliffs are common barriers and challenges to overcome.

Rise & Fall brings to the table

🗺️ A 3D board, different during each game,

♟️ A set of 132 beautiful deluxe painted meeples,

⚙️ Simple yet deep mechanics,

💥 A streamlined and dynamic gameplay,

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 A game for 2 to 4 players, up to 8 with the expansions.

Tell me more about Rise & Fall

In this gorgeous land each player starts with a small tribe including a Village, a Nomad and a Ship and will grow to a full civilization with more of the pre-mentioned units but also Temples, Merchants and the precious Mountaineers, both able to pass those astonishing cliffs.

Rise & Fall is an immersive and engaging game, easy to understand yet hard to master, with no luck or randomness involved. The initial creation of the world map is a real pleasure in itself and each game features a whole different world to explore.

New players will enjoy the game for its accessibility. Since all actions and units are displayed on their deck of six cards, they can discover and apprehend the game as they go.

Veteran strategists will love the game for its full control aspect and its constantly increasing learning curve.



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